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The Lord knows...That's why He sent Ms. Judy

So to say it has been a rough week emotionally would be a huge understatement. Still trying to find a new church, and create new relationships at a church that might be the right one for us. A large house, with no money to get it organized, and no motivation to make what we have work with duck tape and push pins. Then there is the reality that I am still a "contract" worker right now working from home with no exterior interaction. Sounds like the recipe for emotional breakdown to me lol. But God...

Yesterday was a tough day, curled in a ball on the couch, watching movies trying to numb how tough this season is. But then today I went to my favorite coffee shop to do a little work (which really feels little when you can see how far behind we are financially) and there was this little lady in the chair near me who needed to charge her phone and the closest plug was under my chair. Shortly after that the friend she was with, Ms. Rhonda, got a call that she won a free cruise! (Ms. Judy tried to tell her that nothing was free, but she went along with the phone call that was until the woman on the other end ask for her credit card lol) So Ms. Judy just turned and said "God bless you, and not just for plugging in my phone." Then she started to ask me a few questions and we talked a little about the season I was in and the words "submitting to your husband" became a topic of discussion. She talked and reflected on the years she obeyed God and he covered her even when her husband made decisions that weren't necessarily God centered. She reminded me that God loves me, then her friend got off the phone and she introduced me. Ms Rhonda leaned over and said "well you get to hear it twice, He loves you." They went back to gabbing but every so often she lean over and ask questions and listen to the response with a big smile. Shortly after that Ms. Rhonda went to the bathroom and she asked for her phone back. She asked a couple questions about what I did for a living and then asked for a business card. This took a minute but after I gave it to her she tried to pronounce the company name on the card. I said "It's pronounced kuh-zone, it means vision in Hebrew." Ms. Judy got a big smile on her face, and said "I really like you."

I sigh even now with a smile on my face. My finances aren't fixed and my current challenges aren't removed, but God sent me Ms. Judy to remind me that it was about how much He loved me, and not about my circumstance.

(one more sigh) Ok Lord...I can do this... Isaiah 41:10; Joshua 1:9 (these are 2 of my fave verses!)

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