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Time...we don't get along

One of the biggest criticisms I got when I was in a corporate environment was that time management was (and is) one of my biggest weaknesses. As much as I love organizing (time, things, etc) it tends to end up as good intentions and unmet expectations. Then the idea of organizing becomes more stressful than actually doing it because I know the chance of me actually following through on my thought and keeping it organized is a pipe dream. It's like I have the ocd, organizing, control, clean freak genes without the motivation and disciplined. So yah I'm pretty much a walking oxymoron lol.

As I begin every year I try to get refocused on my life goals and align my life back to where it should be. My relationship with God, husband, and friends tends gets more attention than it did later in the year before. I get refocused from the quantity the holidays bring to quality time with goals for every relationship.

So as it has been in years past my goal this year is to keep learning how to master my time. It's not a new goal but a renewal of my motivation. This has come to a matter of prayer for me. God knows how he created me, and my quirks and faults that have developed, and he isn't concerned or hopeless about it so why should I be. I believe God has planted in my heart to be a good steward of my time so I believe he is also going to equip and empower me to progress in that.

So my first goal for my time management for 2017, is in every moment to remind myself that my hope is grounded in an unshakable foundation that isn't limited in my ability or short comings. And with that hope I want to dream more and make more goals knowing the result isn't based on my performance but in my reliance on my creator. Those words are even hard to type because I know there are moments I don't act or even seem to believe that is true, however I know on my own I am destined to fail to reach my goals and make good use of my moments. It might take longer than some, but in my own strength I will reach disappointment. So the time spent relying on God, whether it be small and few and far between, is far more productive than lengthy attempts in my own strength.

The non "Christian-ese" version: Focusing on the idea that God has it under control and he wants what's best for me is a lot better use of my time than hoping I just start all of a sudden start doing everything right.

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