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...And so it begins...

I have had a few people reach out and tell me this season of freelance is the perfect time to start a blog. Now that I have been ripped out of the land of social abundance and placed in the desert...maybe it's now the right time even more so.

With blogs I have two thoughts, in the world of vlogs does anyone take the time to read blogs anymore and two, will I have anything people want to read if they actually take the time to sit down and stare at the computer.

So here only readers could be my mother and best friend (out of obligation) but I'm going to try anyway. (Speaking of bff, you're not allowed to judge my grammar or my lack of elegance in comparison to your writing...haha) My best friend is a phenomenal PR writer. Seriously gifted...but more on her later.

As I was thinking of the 2nd question above, will I have anything to say that people will want to read, I think back to when I was sitting down with my prayer partners. I was discussing what a whirlwind of a couple days I had. Things that should be simple or have few issues blew up into complications and stress, and they just looked at me and said, "Wow, that is crazy." Which was a shocker to me. I just thought everyone's life was super complicated and a hot mess and I'm just super dramatic. So that to say, maybe my hot mess of a life is worth reading. Whether a cautionary tale or just humor that makes you realize you aren't the only one.

Confessions of a Beautiful Mess....And so it begins....

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