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Today He sent Kassidy with a K

So, God is so gracious when we have our head up our own butts. We are so consumed with our own lives and what is happening that we forget He has a purpose for us. I hear other women in my small group talk about these amazing divine appointments. Well God knew he would have to smack me over the head with it since today I was consumed with all the things I wasn't doing right.

Two teenage girls were talking next to me and the younger of the two started asking questions that you could slightly tell annoyed the older one (later I find out they are sisters so I had a true understanding at that moment lol). "I keep thinking if I'm all that bad why would he die for me." Then the other would say "you know the answer to this we have talked about this before. You were in this great place last week surrounded by other people who love God (I assumed church camp) and now you're letting the devil get to you." I texted a friend as it was happening and was trying so hard not to butt myself into their conversation, while at the same time thinking if I were to say something what would I say. I dug through my purse and found a keychain that quoted a popular worship song. "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders." Once I read that within seconds I knew I had to say something so a quick prayer, Lord help me, then counted to three and said "I'm trying not to butt in to your conversation but I'm not very good at that." I asked her if she was familiar with the worship song. We talked for a minute and I shared my own struggles with trying to understand God. Then I went on to do my business then stopped again to tell her, "how cool is that, that God loves you so much to sit me here just for you today?!?" Now all of a sudden my frustrations with my daily personal failures don't look near as looming as I thought they were. There is so much power in being used by God. It reminds us of our hope and greater purpose. How He knows me so well that I was the perfect person to share a special message to His daughter today.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity, and make me more aware of special moments like this that I might miss because I'm stuck in my own head.

...He's good you guys :)

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