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A tale of a very long weekend....

The title is inspired by the movie my sister and I watch in the theater this past Saturday night, Beauty and the Beast. Little did I know that would be the sweetest least stressful moment of the whole weekend. I had a harsh wake-up call regarding how attached I am to my phone when my phone was stolen after the movie. I somewhat feel bad saying someone stole it when I didn't see the act, but unfortunately, there isn't any other explanation. So after 2 hours of bawling my head off, I started trying to accept the fact that I was not getting it back.

You would have thought I lost a pet or a family member (sad realization). Then I sat in bed later that night realizing that I don't know how to fall asleep without my cell phone. I turned on a tv show on netflix on my laptop, but I usually play games on my phone simultaneously until I just pass out (I know, I know, extremely unhealthy. I'm aware and I'm working on it). Since then I have picked up a new one, which btw I hate how expensive those dumb little life structure devices cost. I have found myself just holding my phone or just looking at the home screen for no reason, which I'm sure I did before but I'm just now recognizing it. Now I'm trying to be intentional about setting it down, and walking away.

I would say the two reactions I would think of to my admittance above would be either, "Wow, no way, I do that too" or "Wow, no way! Sister you have a serious problem." Either way I either shed light on something in your own life or just reminded you how much of a hot mess and how human I am in case you forgot lol.


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