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God has to have a great patience and sense of humor....

...that I obviously do not understand in the slightest!

Taken to a strange land and ripped of the familiar. Familiar places, people, customs, habits, all at once. I know someone who was called into the mission field in some remote place would look at me and want to ring my neck - lol. But unfortunately that perspective doesn't seem to ease the pressure of this season.

I literally feel like the Lord said, "you know we did really well with this restoration thing but let's not stop there! Let's deal with all of that stuff that you just barely make it through, all of those weakness, let's deal with them all at once and expose your weaknesses in a season with the least amount of social interaction you had in the last 5 years." Like I said, His sense of humor baffles me....I know in reality He says "DeAnza bless your heart it's not as dark as you think because my unlimited strength and riches is what is backing this season of yours, so the pressure isn't on you." And again even with that perspective that doesn't help stretch a 1/2lb of ground beef or the last two cups of dog food.

I don't say this for pity, but for strength. My hope is that admitting this out loud will remind me that this situation is completely hopeless, desolate, and destined for failure...BUT GOD....

I was looking for scriptures to write in my planner and I ran into this online from the book "It's The End Of The Church As We Know It" by Marc Lawson.

So...duh, the same weapon as David, Joshua, and Paul....VICTORY. Now don't get me wrong I don't excpect my army to win the battle of Mizpah, the victory will look different, but if I rely on the Lord it is promised!

...Thanks for the pep-talk, I needed that! : )

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