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Important warning....for now and for the future

So this is MY blog....woohoo. Sometimes I know I will have deep thought journaling and diving into the depths of my soul. Some however, WARNING, I will geek out on things that make me happy. Could be going on about how awesome my husband, family, and friends are. Or it could be hobbies (ok some obsessions) and there is always my love for food. And I'm sure there will be quite a few...I'm really missing Dallas...posts.

So with all that said, I'm going to share my excitement with being very organized for our upcoming cruise. I am taking my planner super powers and REALLY geeking out! So for those that this shows no interest to you, don't worry the next one or one after that will probably bounce back to deep internal thought (maybe, lol).

Yah I have a planner, and I love it!!! Not a 12 month pocket calendar, but a scrap-booking, journaling, organizing powerhouse of a binder. This has now rolled into a new form, (not replacing but adding) a travel journal.

This travel journal has really allowed me to journal and plan, and organize even more!! (Some just got real excited along with me, and some that was the final straw to click away...and I'm ok with that. Us organizing geeks will come together and we will return to you later.) Each book inside my journal has a topic and reason.

I made one for our move, and one for the Christmas season to organize presents, menus, etc. So now of course I have one for our upcoming cruise!! Woohoo! This is how you really make cruising fun! (as if it needed a planner to help it out lol) So I have fun pics of my awesome travelers journal.

The leather on this is actually made in Russia. It is sooo cool! So my journal is actually a "Sun Leaves Dori." They did a great job on it and it was an even better cost than the original Midori.

And as an added bonus for those that love all this, here is some fun stuff:

Link to where I bought my Faux-dori cover:

Link to my AWESOME Cruise packing spreadsheet: (I printed this on sticker paper to put in my TJ)

You will probably see some "wierd" items on my packing list. After a lot of research there are quite a few items I bring to help organize our inside cabin as well as make our trip less stressful. I'm sure you will catch more explanations of that stuff as I continue getting ready for the cruise.

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