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Upcoming Vacay

So it doesn't feel like an official blog with only 1 post, so I'm posting two today.

So I'm about to say the series of words that cause us all to pray away jealousy...We leave for a cruise next week!!!! YAY ME! (Don't worry I'll pray for you and celebrate at the same time)

So I have some goals I'm working on with this. I try to use dates like this for motivation to get other goals accomplished.

1. To have my house clean (well "picked up" in the words of my mother) before we leave. We have a teenager from a local youth group watching the house so I'm trying to get all the boxes unpacked and into the garage. I've got to take down the Christmas decor. I also need to actually wash laundry and finish moving into my bedroom. (CONFESSION: Yah when I get to cleaning/organizing my bedroom I try to channel the teenage version of myself haha. Every once in a while when I make my bed and have all the clothes picked up I'm like...maybe a grown up room isn't so bad.)

2. To not just obsess on the awesome trip but to also focus on plans after the trip as equally. Because if I like it or not the inevitable day 7 on the cruise will actually come....then what. Well I will (speaking in faith) be prepared! Yes part of this isn't just planning but it's talking Jesus about the emotions I go through. So I'm trying to practice spiritual and practical applications here.

3. Embrace my season specifically while on the cruise...hey it's a start. I'm in my 30's, married, no kids, plus size, love to dance but stink at it, love food, want to be active, etc. So I want to enjoy where I am, maybe get brave and wear that sundress that makes me paranoid about my size, dance even though I look like that large white woman who can't dance, eat the fancy food in small amounts so I can taste it all, skip the junk food, and walk all over to discover new places and people. Then I hope this will be contagious to bring home with me. Not only will I be rested but I want to continue embracing where I am instead of waiting until I'm where I think I should be, because like it or not (CONFESSION) I'm 31, 256lbs, living away from my hometown friends and family, still searching for a home church, married to an introverted husband, unorganized, til noon sleeper. I feel the sooner I come to terms with where I am, I can enjoy it, but also enjoy the journey of becoming healthier in my many shortcomings.

Thank you Lord for rest and new beginnings! I'm looking forward to sharing it!

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